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    Massive parallel sequencing of DNA is outpacing all technological advancements once predicted along with the influences on costs. This is particularly clear in terms of the cost of DNA sequencing, but more predominantly in the genome data generated by next generation approaches which has triggered a revolution, and a challenge for meaningful data analysis and biological inference.

    Genome Life Sciences chose to contribute in addressing this challenge by leveraging over its two decades of experience in bioinformatics. Our team's humble beginnings are rooted in innovations in genomics. As pioneers of novel bioinformatic algorithms, we shared a new direction in NGS data analysis with the scientific crowd.

    Today, we stand at the landmark where our advanced analytical methods began to aid researchers and clinicians across the globe. Our proprietary algorithms for genomic analysis circle the squares of biomarker {or gene} discovery and personalized patient diagnosis. Thanks to our scientific crew who made this possible, by developing our product and service platforms, aimed at providing the most significant and actionable biological information!

    Genome Life Sciences
  • Why GLS

    Goal & Path

    Genome Life Sciences has been following its own legacy of research and development, ever since our published expert-findings became path-changing for scholars in Omics regime. Our innovation lies at the heart of a perfect cusp where biological sciences seamlessly join hands with information technology.

    Building continuously on our mission, we focus on being a constant research-enabler in biological studies, heralding novel concepts in next-generation genomic technologies through innovating differentiated software tools and bioinformatics services.

    Genome Life Sciences, with its technical crew and scientific efforts, redefines itself constantly to become a global trusted company by accelerating discovery through developing bioinformatic algorithms and technologies destined to reach up to biomarker discovery and personalized patient care.

    Genome Life Sciences
  • What we do
    • Biomedical and translational research
    • Bioinformatics R&D
    • Start-to-finish sequencing and data analysis services
    • NGS data storage and management
    • Applications development and services for analysis of NGS data from WGS/WES, ChIP-seq, Methyl-seq, RNA-seq, miRNA-seq
    • Custom biological data curation and bioinformatics applications development
    • Contract research services and consulting NGS workflow innovation
    Why us
    • Experienced smart team of clinicians, bioinformaticians, biologists and statisticians
    • Dedicated Project Managers for each project
    • Use of documented, industry standard algorithms, tools, analysis protocols and methods - clearly described in the provenance section of our comprehensive report - NO BLACKBOX APPROACH
    • High Performance Computing environment for distributed computing tasks and automated pipelines saving hours of intense labour
    • Fast turn-around and exhaustive data analysis
    • Comprehensive analysis report, customizable according to client needs, or optionally curated internally by clients
    • 24x7 support for technical and scientific queries
    • End-to-end Science - from sequencing of patient samples till generation of clinician friendly report with the support of our industry and academic partner facilities
  • Our Vision

    • Translational Genomics
      • Contract research for specific diseases
      • Custom project design and implementation
      • Academic/hospital industry collaborations
    • Agriculture
      • Gene markers for plant-breeding applications
      • Genetic characterization of germ-plasms
    • Pharmacogenomics
      • Contract research for drug applications
      • Gene-marker identification for adverse drug effects
    • Bioinformatics
      • Contract curation and annotation of biological databases
      • Customized bioinformatics solutions
      • Contract development of algorithms and so"ware tools
    • Genomics, Transcriptomics and Proteomics
      • Computational NGS solutions in genomics, proteomics and transcriptomics
      • Microarray solutions in genomics and transcriptomics
      • Meta-analysis of data with public, commercial and proprietary products
      • Genome-wide regulatory sequence, splice junction and exon analysis
      • Biological data integraon for knowledge discovery



    Genome Life Sciences

Novel Omics-analytics
Specially Tailored for Researchers!
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  • In order to accelerate discovery in the fields of genomic medicine and plant biotechnology, our crew scientists have been relentlessly spending transformative hours in optimizing management, analysis and mining of high-throughput molecular biology data.

    We provide a highly scalable and automated platform that enables users to comprehensively and rapidly analyze their next-generation sequencing data. Various NGS applications and sequencing platforms are supported. The workflows can be quickly customized as needed. Results are delivered as a detailed report.

    • Agricultural and veterinary studies
    • Clinical and translational research
    • Bioinformatics R & D project management

    This product suit comes with

    • Start-to-finish NGS application-specific data analysis workflows and Integration of results with our proprietary IGR (Integrated Genomics Resources) places the results in biological context
    • Analytical and visualization tools to enable scientists decode knowledge from large complex datasets


    Genome Life Sciences
    Key Features
    • Comprehensive NGS (WGS, WES, RNA-Seq, miRNA-Seq, Methyl-Seq, ChIP-Seq) data analysis
    • Analysis and visualization of alternative transcription, alternative splicing data and exon-intron architecture
    • Site-directed prediction of mutation and downstream effects
    • Annotated, centralized disease-specific variant database
    • Comprehensive analysis with clinical relevance
    • End-to-end workflow integration
    • Completely portable genomics solution for cloud-based and local distributed cluster environments
    • Big data analytics in Hadoop framework
    Key Applications
    • Variant detection and effect prediction on sequence & structure
    • Chromosomal aberration and gene fusion analysis
    • Alternate splice sites and transcript prediction
    • Gene set analysis, Pathways and Networks of Clinical significance
    • Pathogen detection system
    • Novel Splice sites, Transcripts, Genes prediction
    • Start-to-finish NGS application-specific data analysis workflows and Integration of results with our proprietary IGR (Integrated Genomics Resources) places the results in biological context
    • Analytical and visualization tools to enable scientists decode knowledge from large complex datasets
  • Genome Life Sciences
    • Holistic database for comparative analysis of the exon–intron structures of protein domains in eukaryotes (Homo sapiens, Musmusculus, Bostaurus, Rattusnorvegicus, Daniorerio, Gallus and Arabidopsis thaliana)
    • Specialized platform offering the largest collection of AT & AS splicing data readily available for your analysis.
    • A large splice-centric curated data collection for visualization and analysis of splicing and AS events.
    • Statistical search and analysis engine for pinpointing disease-causing variants in functional regions of genes.
    Product Highlights
    • Complex mechanisms of alternative transcription and splicing events are made easy to read and capture for biological inference
    • Analyze known and predict potential splice sites
    • Analyze functional changes and effects in proteins due to transcription and splicing
    • Molecular mechanisms of splicing induced disease states
    • Functional correlations among genes, proteins, pathways, disease and development
    • Comprehensive graphical display with simultaneous viewing of domains and gene structure details
    • Color-coded revealing display format
    • Dynamic platform to analyze cancer causing mutations



Our Service Offerings Genome Life Sciences service offerings encompass bioinformatics of genomes, exomes, transcriptomes and proteomes. Our end-to-end services range from bioinformatics data assembling, NGS data interpretation from all potential platforms, applied algorithms development tailored to be customizable for advanced researchers/users and many more. The flexibility and resolutions we provide in routine data management and analysis with customized publication-ready reports and results are the ultimate time-saving, cost-saving tools.



  • Use of NGS to identify plant genes conferring resistance to (i) environmental conditions, (ii) effects of herbicides, (iii) pests
  • Development of Bio-fortified foods, e.g., iron-rich pearl millet, zinc-rich rice & wheat
  • Development of large-scale genomic resources to enhance selective breeding
  • Development of pharmacrops

Metagenomics & Microbial Genomics

  • Discovery of novel genes for crop improvement
  • Bioremediation of Xenobiotics by looking for pharmacologically interesting genes (e.g. antibiotics, herbicides, insecticides, etc) that exist in organisms that cannot be cultured
  • Study plant adaptations in unfavorable environments


Animal Husbandry

  • Identifying genes in livestock that control growth, energy metabolism, development, appetite, reproduction and behavior, as well as other traits that have been manipulated by breeding
  • Identify genes underlying important traits of dairy animals-heat tolerance, disease resistance, meat quality, lactation yield, etc.

Clinical Genomics

  • Outbreak monitoring to identify the sources and spread of infections
  • Antibiotic resistance surveillance
  • Personalized medicine
  • Emerging pathogen surveillance
  • Identify genotypes underlying diseases



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